Welcome to the Halls of Green.  “Halls of Green” comes from a mental image that I have locked away of a pecan grove in Georgia on a sunny day where the sun was breaking through the tree tops and the grass under the rows and rows of trees was thick as tall carpet and lush green.  I held on to that image because I saw it in a time of my life that was otherwise bleak in many ways.  God’s glory as seen in His creation has a way of making a strong impression.

I share my thoughts here and maybe your life experience might overlap with mine.  I’m a follower of Christ and a lover of His church.  I’m a husband of a wonderful wife and a father of twin boys with another boy coming soon.  I’m an Army & Operation Iraqi Freedom vet.  I am concluding my seminary education for vocational ministry soon and awaiting a call to a pastorate.  I seek to answer God’s call in all areas of my life.

If you are here because of my job hunting activities, please be sure to swing by my LinkedIn page.  Maybe you and I have some mutual friends and I have media clips there that might interest you.  Hit the “Like” button and leave comments if you enjoy what you see here.  Thanks for reading!


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