Jemar sums up the typical position in much of the culture which says something like: “We believe all religions are equal and you are free to believe and practice yours…except you Christians because you need to just shut up.” Thanks, Jemar, for responding in a helpful way.

Jemar Tisby

Biblical Christianity is sadly misunderstood both by Christians and non-Christians alike.  The most persistent misunderstandings about Christianity seem to grow out of religious and philosophical pluralism in the U.S.

Pluralism says that every religion is equally true and valid.  No religious adherents, therefore, can claim exclusive rights to the “truth” or impose their beliefs on others.  Believe what you will, but do not assert those beliefs.  That is the cardinal sin of our age.

I recently read an article on the Huffington Post by Steve McSwain entitled, “6 Things Christians Should Just Stop Saying.”  Judging by the popularity of this article (over 21K “likes” on Facebook at the time of this writing), McSwain’s thoughts resonate with many.

According to McSwain the six things Christians should stop saying are,

1. The Bible is the inerrant, infallible Word of God.

2. We just believe the Bible.

3. Jesus is the…

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